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Dry Hair Hair Loss Hair Growth Frizzy Hair
Dry Hair Hair Loss Hair Growth Frizzy Hair

Discovery box - 8 products Mini sizes

    • CAD $ 110.00

    Do you want to test our hair products before going completely natural?

    Look no further, here is the Discovery Hair Box to "offer" or "to afford"!

    Indulge yourself with this magnificent box containing 8 of our flagship hair products in mini format that will allow you to test them for at least 1 month. 

    Deep condition with Indian powders 2.0 (60 ml)

    An effective mask to promote healthy growth, stimulate hair follicles, soften hair fiber and stop hair breakage. It is suitable for all hair types.

    * Format allowing at least 2 treatments

    Hair tea with Indian powders and plants (1 bag)

    A real hair care product, it is composed of a mixture of plants known to nourish dry and brittle hair, to strengthen, strengthen and thicken the hair fiber: brahmi, amla, cinnamon, ginger, marshmallow, garlic ...

    * Format allowing 1 week of daily care

    Styling and conditioning sorbet with 3 butters (60g)

    100% natural, it is a cocktail of butters and vegetable oils with extraordinary detangling, repairing, smoothing, nourishing, thickening, stimulating properties ... For an almost immediate result with increasingly softer hair the following days its application.

    *Format allowing at least 4 to 5 applications

    Green sweetness with plants (60g)

    Real nugget Green, our new hair butter is a vegetable concentrate with more than 15 plants such as: curry, rosemary, cactus, nettle, papaya, hemp, green coffee ... which combine to pamper the hair.

    *Format allowing at least 4 to 5 applications

    Ayurvedic hair serum (60 ml)

    Composed of oils and organic plants, this 100% natural and effective serum improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth by strengthening and fortifying it. Recommended for frizzy, brittle, dry hair and people with alopecia. Not suitable for pregnant women or children because it contains essential oils.

    *Format allowing at least 2 to 3 weeks of daily applications

    My Garlic & Onion Oil (30 ml)

    In addition to smelling very good, it is formulated with the best oils and plants to deeply nourish your hair fiber, stimulate it, tone your scalp especially when used once a week in combination with the Kaylabé powder mask.

    *Format allowing at least 1 to 5 applications if used as a serum

    Solid shampoo (25g)

    Formulated with extremely mild surfactants based on coconut fatty acids, our shampoos gently cleanse the hair without attacking the scalp while being suitable for children's hair.

    Rich in active ingredients (plants, butters, oils, keratin, panthenol, etc. known for their cosmetic properties), they are ecological and economical (as many washes as 2 bottles of liquid shampoos). Find out more

    * Format allowing at least 4 to 5 washes

    Mask with Indian powders - damaged, dry, fine and brittle hair (40g)

    *Format allowing at least 4 masks if mixed with your usual conditioning as in the video here

    It's the darling of # deficapillaire30 days on Saturdays!

    Specially formulated for dry, brittle, damaged and fine hair, it offers you a real cure of organic Indian plants and powders!

    Composed of several Indian powders and plants, it is also enriched with castor oil, milk and coconut oil. 

    Thus, it contains the best hair active ingredients known to promote healthy growth, stimulate and strengthen the hair follicles, soften the hair fiber and stop hair breakage.

    * Depending on the box, you will be surprised to have one of the 5 shampoos in the range.

    Discovery box - 8 products Mini sizes
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