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Kaylabé Face brush - Facial brush
Kaylabé Face brush - Facial brush
Kaylabé Face brush - Facial brush
Kaylabé Face brush - Facial brush

Face brush - Facial brush

    • CAD $ 15.00

    Want to remove all the impurities and have clear, glowing skin ?

    Then opt for this face brush here  removes dead cells and promotes the absorption of your favorite skin care products.An essential accessory to thoroughly cleanse the face!

    Our facial cleansing brush helps deeply unclog pores cosmetic residues for healthy and radiant skin. Using it regularly can control your facial fat et reduce acne.

    Thanks to its supple and soft bristles, washing your face becomes a pure moment of pleasure.

    This brush is also suitable for dry brushing of the face. *

    Treat yourself with the best facial cleansing accessory!

     *The dry brushing helps stimulate connective tissue. Blood circulation increases and the lymphatic system is activated. This allows a draining and preventive effect on dark circles and the accumulation of toxins in the tissues. When the skin is activated, stimulated and exfoliated, it absorbs skin care products better.

    His advantages :
    • Cleanses and exfoliates to leave your skin glowing.
    • Eliminates impurities from the skin.
    • It accentuates the cleaning foam.
    • Kills bacteria for visibly clearer skin.
    • Your face soap lasts longer.
    • Its round shape and handle guarantee easy and pleasant use.
    • Ideal before a facial treatment 
    • Reduces pores for smoother, glowing skin
    • It is suitable for all skin types.
      • Step 1 : Remove makeup
      • Step 2 : Moisten the skin of your face and your brush
      • Step 3 : Rub your brush on the soap to create the lather
      • Step 4 : Cleanse your face with the brush in circular motions.
      • Step 5 : Rinse your skin and cleansing brush.
      • Step 6: Moisturize to maximize the effects of cleansing
      His interview:

      Clean your brush in lukewarm water with mild soap once a week, then dry the downward bristles thoroughly while drying.

      We recommend that you use a separate brush for each member of your family.

      Face brush - Facial brush