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Enriched Ambunu - Vegetable shampoo
Enriched Ambunu - Vegetable shampoo
Enriched Ambunu - Vegetable shampoo
Enriched Ambunu - Vegetable shampoo

Enriched Ambunu - Vegetable shampoo

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    At Kaylabé, we travel the world in search of the best active ingredients and plants to pamper your hair as it should!

    We invite you to travel to the heart of the African hair tradition the purest with our natural shampooAmbunu enriched.

    It comes to us directly from Chad, just like our chébé powder!

    Here is the original and famous Ambunu shampoo used by Bassara women

    (African beauties with extremely long hair!)

    A plant well known to women in the Sahel and particularly in Chad as chebe powder, it has a viscous gel consistency that is very slippery when mixed with water.

    Healthy and natural alternative to wash and condition the hair, it can be used in addition to or as a replacement for your usual shampoo.

    This herbal shampoo naturally softens the hair and we have added herbs known to strengthen, thicken the hair. Its natural scent is reminiscent of green tea.

    Our kaylabelles loved it during the previous # deficapillaire30 days and we will reuse it during the next hair challenge but differently!

    How to use:
    • Put between 250 to 300 ml of very hot (not boiling) water in a container and add a tablespoon of enriched ambunu. 
    • Let stand 40 minutes, a gel will form. Your vegetable shampoo is ready.
    • You can use it as is but we advise you to filter it.
    • Wash your hair with the gel and take the opportunity to detangle it with your fingers.
    •  Rinse thoroughly because it is a shampoo then moisturize your hair with sorbet, green sweetness or nobodyhastoknow.

       Ambunu cannot be stored, so you have the choice:

      1. Share it with your children or your other half.
      2. Flood your hair to give them maximum benefit from the active ingredients of the plants.
      3. Halve the quantities.

      Ambunu helps to detangle and it makes the hair softer. Ours comes directly from Chad. It is used by Bassara women in the same way as Chébé powder. It is known to make hair stronger and thicker, prevent scalp dryness and decrease hair loss.

        Ceratotheca Sesamoide, Nigella sativum, Equisetum arvense, Mentha piperita, Urtica dioica, Panthenol.

        Weight: 2 Oz / 60g

          Enriched Ambunu - Vegetable shampoo