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Choose your shampoo according to your needs.

Choose your shampoo according to your needs.

Also called bar shampoo, our shampoos have a balanced pH, they are free of toxic ingredients, sulphates, silicones and above all they are not soaps.

Instead, think of them as real foaming hair masks. 

They wash without stripping while respecting your hair fiber, revitalize and stimulate hair growth thanks to their active ingredients.

We are happy to present them to you one by one so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

Solid shampoo with milk and coconut oil   
 * Dry and brittle hair

    Thanks to the properties of coconut, this shampoo will do wonders on dry and frizzy hair. It is formulated with extremely mild surfactants based on coconut fatty acids that cleanse the hair gently and without harming the scalp.

    Whether in the form of milk or oil, coconut is full of minerals and vitamins for hair care. It is known to strengthen hair, give volume, provide flexibility and accelerate hair growth.

    Coconut milk and coconut oil, however, have different properties:

    • Coconut milk is hydrating, nourishing, it brings shine. It is an essential must have for gently caring for dry, dull, coarse and split hair.
    • Coconut oil is smoothing, nourishing, brings strength and shine to the hair. It is known to be the only vegetable oil capable of penetrating the hair shaft. It is perfect for nourishing dry and frizzy hair, but also suitable for maintaining normal hair.


    Spirulina, stinging nettle and neem shampoo bar       
    * This shampoo contains active ingredients known to be excellent against dandruff.
    • Spirulina, stinging nettle and neem combine to provide amino acids, proteins that promote the synthesis of keratin. Rich in antioxidants, these herbs are known to tone, soothe and help tired, dull, limp, oily and dandruff hair.
    • Spirulina is an algae that contains minerals and proteins essential for beautiful hair: vitamin B, A, magnesium, sodium, zinc, beta-carotene,,
    • nettle provides minerals and vitamins to strengthen the hair and restore its natural beauty.
    • Neem is the plant that takes care of the scalp. Its active ingredients help fight against itching,  dandruff ... 

    The Solid Shampoo with Clay, Ritha and Sidr 

    *This shampoo contains herbs that help regulate the scalp and make the hair shiny and full.)

      • Fuller's earth is a (magic) clay that gently cleanses, absorbs fat, impurities and helps rebalance the scalp
      •  Ritha's powder  that gently cleanses the scalp and hair. It purifies and cleanses the scalp and leaves hair shiny and silky.
      •  Sidr's powder or jujube which is a cousin powder of shikakai. It beautifies the hair, relieves the scalp and fights against dandruff and itching.

      Solid shampoo with Indian powders.

      *For brittle and dry hair.


        True care for frizzy hair, the shampoo with Indian powders has been formulated with the same plants and powders as our powder masks (deep conditioners).

        According to Ayurvedic principles, the therapeutic virtues of Indian powders give them the ability to rebalance and restore disturbed harmony. They indeed have properties that are highly valued in cosmetics and more specifically for hair care.

        Ayurvedic powders prove to be perfect allies to beautify the hair:

        • Our selection of Indian powders contains the best powders which revive the shine of the hair and restore softness and suppleness. They are also particularly suitable for reinforcing them over the entire length. Some stimulate growth, stop hair loss, give a boost for problems such as dandruff for example, hair loss, dandruff concerns ...


                              Brewer's yeast, amla, msm and maca shampoo  
        * It is perfect for brittle, damaged and devitalized hair.


        • Amla powder is rich in vitamin C is a powerful regenerator in Ayurveda. This powder is known to prevent hair loss. It stimulates hair growth, slows down hair loss and fights precocious gray hair.
        • Brewer's yeast is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids and promotes synthesis of keratin which is the main constituent of our hair.
        • Maca powder is rich in Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, C, Minerals and trace elements: iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, Antioxidants : Flavonoids, Isothiocyanates.
        • MSM (sulfur) is reputed to haveHelp improve the condition of sensitive scalps, fight against dandruff and promote keratin.

        Our shampoos also contain other active ingredients such as:

        • Castor oil which strengthens and stimulates hair growth. It encourages hair growth, prevents hair thinning, treats premature baldness (alopecia), hydrates hair and scalp, nourishes hair and hair follicles, prevents and treats split ends, treats dandruff, softens hair and makes it shinier.
        • Coconut oil which has the particularity of having a very strong affinity with hair proteins. It is perfect for nourishing dry and frizzy hairs, but also suitable for maintaining normal hair.
        • From Panthenol : Also known under the name of provitamin B5, it is a very effective active in hair care, for its fortifying and beautifying action. It ensures the cohesion of the hair scales, making it stronger and shinier.
        • ...

        Now you know them all (more shampoos will be arriving in the store) but one more detail. Our shampoos are 100% natural and are:

        ❌Free of oils from petrochemicals (paraffin).
        ❌ Without synthetic oils (silicone).
        ❌Without synthetic emulsifiers (PEG).
        ❌ Without genetically modified plants.
        ❌ Without ammonia, without caustic soda, without strong acids.
        ❌Free of phosphates and chlorine.

        Ecological and rich in active ingredients, they are also very economical, because a solid shampoo allows as many washes as two bottles of liquid shampoo! In addition, you can bring your shampoo anywhere, in us, on a plane or even in nature!

        We hope this article will help you make your choice


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