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The dangers of hair straightening and cosmetics aimed at black women

The dangers of hair straightening and cosmetics aimed at black women

Exposing our scalp and body to a chemical like hair straightener leads to a lot of damage. Studies have linked this product to health problems such as fibroids, premature births, baldness, uterine growths, damage to the scalp and hair, the risk of chemical burns ... dearly paid to meet society's beauty standards.

In this month of October, we have chosen to give the floor to a client so that she can share her experience. Indeed, as long as it is study data, we can ignore the problems. Unfortunately, it doesn't only happen to others. 

“Today I would like to give you a testimony. For many years during my teenage years, I straightened my hair every month.
I lived in Senegal and in the 90s, we did not know the risks associated with the use of certain products. On the contrary, a hairdresser was successful. It was a Nigerian who had settled in Dakar and we were in line for a straightening followed by a brushing which made us proud when we left his hairdressing salon.
Unfortunately, what was a simple cosmetic use caused me serious health problems.
Around the age of 33, I visited a reputable gynecologist who discovered that I had fibroids.
Two years later, I became sterile. My partner and I have followed the whole process and all the stages of assisted procreation, in different countries, without results.
The most difficult is adenomyosis which causes me crippling pain at the time of menstruation. My uterus is so destroyed by these relaxers that it has tripled in size and also brings its share of ailments
Today I wish to testify by hoping to spare some women or young girls from going through the same thing as me.
Please, whenever possible, prioritize natural products. Thank you for reading my story and share it with those around you. Maimouna»

A study called Cosmetics, Environmental Chemicals, Health Disparities published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reveals that black women also put their reproductive systems at risk by trying to reach standards. The study confirms the observation already made by the environmental NGO Environmental Working Group in 2016, according to which beauty products sold to women of color are particularly dangerous for their health.


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