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Why will you fall in love with our garlic and onion oil?

Why will you fall in love with our garlic and onion oil?

Have you heard of the benefits of garlic and onion in hair care?

The main feedback is negative because of the smell. Good news, the bad smell is crippling for us too, so smelling garlic or onion was a big NO!

True hair treasure, our Garlic & Onion oil contains plants and active ingredients that promote growth and strengthen frizzy, dry and brittle hair.

Concentrated in active ingredients, oils and plants known to strengthen, fortify and thicken the hair shaft, our oil will allow you to benefit from the properties of garlic and onions without the inconvenience associated with the smell.

Our oil is the best companion of our powder masks. We recommend using it every week in the hair mask.

* Be careful, it contains essential oils and is not suitable for pregnant women or children.

As usual, we never limit ourselves to 1 or 2 assets at Kaylabé. This is why we have combined garlic, onion, fenugreek, magic and secret ingredients ...

But as we are so proud of our Garlic & Onions oil, whose head scent was chosen by our kaylabelles, here are 8 of the main ingredients that make it an exceptional hair oil:

  • L'huile de ricin : It strengthens and stimulates hair growth. It encourages hair growth, prevents hair thinning, treats premature baldness (alopecia), hydrates hair and scalp, nourishes hair and hair follicles, prevents and treats split ends, treats dandruff, softens hair and makes it shinier.


  • Coconut oil : It has the particularity of having a very strong affinity with hair proteins. It is perfect for nourishing dry and frizzy hair, but also suitable for maintaining normal hair.


  • Avocado oil : Rich in essential fatty acids, in proteins and vitamins, elle nourishes and hydrates the hair in depth.


  • Rosemary is a multifaceted plant, in hair care, it is recognized: to be stimulating and effectively fight against hair loss by acting directly on the follicles.


  • garlic cleverly called allium sativum, it has many virtues. Concentrated in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements (especially allicin which acts as a powerful antibacterial), it helps maintain a healthy scalp, promotes hair growth and also reduces the formation of dandruff .


  • onionsjust like garlic is rich in sulfur. Used on a regular basis, it has a reputation for strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss. VS'is why onion is interesting on hair problems like alopecia and hair loss.


  • Fenugreek is known mainly to strengthen and stimulate hair while providing shine and volume.


  • Neem is known to be detoxifying, anti-dandruff and soothing.


 We use it a lot in WE hair masks!

Do you have yours?

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