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Our mission and our values

The skin protects us on a daily basis. Our mission is above all to manufacture products that respect your health by providing you with undiluted products, without preservatives or chemical ingredients and of organic qualities.

Mutual aid, respect, communication, transparency and commitment to solidarity are the values ​​in which we believe.

Why buy Kaylabé products?

1- Because your skin and your hair deserve the best
2- For their healthy composition
3- Because they are made at the last minute when you order them
4- Because you know that they really contain the asset you are buying
5- Because the raw materials are certified
6- To encourage handmade
7- Because for once, you can request a personalized product from a brand that listens to you


Our strength :

- It is to be able to dose the assets as we see fit. When Kaylabé offers a hair product with keratin, panthenol…. It is that there are and above all that the percentage of active ingredients is not lost in a sea of ​​silicones, preservatives and other such celebrations because we have chosen not to dilute our products.
- It is to be able to personalize our products on demand and to create products adapted to specific problems according to the properties of the active ingredients, oils and butters.

Because we believe that your skin and your hair need love and care, we have created products for you. "Do it yourself".
Don't panic: the products are already formulated, your very small task will be to add water, milk… to transform them, easy, right?

There are several reasons for these products "Do it yourself"
1- We don't like conservatives very much
2- In life, you have to know how to take time. And thanks to these products, you will give yourself time to take care of yourself and pamper yourself as little as possible.
3- Because it's fun to "make" your cooking.

What we like:

See the benefits of natural active ingredients.
When we offer products for eczema or for Afro, dry, damaged, devitalized, mixed hair… we know what we are talking about because we have lived it or are in the process of experiencing it!