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The different types of loops



These locks embrace frizz and are bouncy and spiraling, forming an “S” shaped pattern from root to end. While the "S" can vary in size, it is consistent throughout, creating a loop. This hair texture requires constant hydration to avoid dullness and brittleness.


These beautiful loops dance to the beat of their own drum. Characterized by a well-defined and unique zig-zag and “S” pattern, this hair texture is thick and full of volume. This hair texture is straight, coarse and generally tight against the scalp. Delicate in nature, this hair tends to break. To ensure that the hair is healthy, hydrate with constant protein treatments as well as a deep conditioner.



With tighter and more delicate curls, kinky textures create remarkable halos of breathtakingly beautiful locks. These curls have the ability to resist gravity, making them a perfect work of art to behold. Those dehydration-prone curls should include protective styles to ensure health and length retention. Using moisturizing and defining products keeps those curls looking vibrant.


Straight hair texture is identified by its lack of a defined curl pattern. Resistant and full of shine, this hair texture easily absorbs the scalp's natural oils while distributing them evenly through the hair shafts to nourish them. Because moisture and hydration are easily absorbed by straight hair, this type of hair is less prone to split ends, breakage and dehydration. To keep this type of hair vibrant, regular shampooing and conditioning is recommended to prevent oil buildup. Regular deep conditioning treatments and choosing lightweight, multi-purpose products that won't weigh hair down are recommended for this hair.