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Travel or discovery format

sample natural cosmetics

These small sizes are perfect for allowing you to discover our products, to test them or have your favorite products with you when you are on the go.

Sometimes the hair needs a period of adaptation, so it is necessary to use your natural products several times before you think that they are not working.

Indeed, the silicones that are found for example in all industrial products coat your hair like a varnish that does not let natural products pass.

This is why several uses are sometimes necessary to see the effect of natural products.

Or, the best advice we can give you is to clarify your hair before switching to 100% natural products.

Our solid shampoos are not soaps and therefore do not require a vinegar rinse.

They are 100% natural and each of them targets a different problem.

For example :

If you have brittle hairs, we recommend the shampoo with Indian powders and that with amla.

If you have limp, oily, or dandruff hair, we recommend the spirulina shampoo.

If you have dry hair, shampoo with milk and coconut oil.

They are all natural and their formulation is generous in plants, butters and oils. When you use natural solid shampoo for the first time, you should take note that their effect is different from industrial shampoos.

Indeed, industrial shampoos foam much more because of their composition and the dangerous active ingredients they contain.

See Kaylabé shampoos as an extension of the range, i.e. care, cleansing masks. They do wash, but by adding active ingredients to your hair.