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I no longer had time to do a hair mask!

I no longer had time to do a hair mask!

Ready to live the adventure #jamaisansmondeep ?

The hair mask is MANDATORY in a good routine and if you want to obtain results. We have all seen the video of the women in Chad using the chebe powder. We put it in 2 of our masks but its magic lies in the fact that these women keep this mask for several days in a row.

The story of #nobodyhastoknow

Passionate about Crépu hair for over 20 years, I am a very busy mumtrepreneur (3 children, work, home, meetings, the weekend which is already over before I started ..), I was sad to no longer have the time to make my magic hair mask: the deep conditioner with Indian powders!

Indeed, for 4 years, we have regularly organized many hair challenges (during which we had to do a deep conditioner once a week). These challenges have given surprising and extraordinary results. There was therefore no question of doing without this treatment!

The problem is that you have to have time: you have to wash your hair, apply your mask, put on cellophane (or plastic cap), apply heat or not, keep it as long as possible (often sleep with)...

In short, I personally didn't have the time, but my hair was lacking!

I wanted an invisible mask that combines the properties of deep and sorbet (2 essential for my hair routine). Clear, an invisible and effective product that allows you to keep your mask for several days like the women of Chad with the chebe.????

So during 9 months, I formulated, improved, tested, tested this product that I present to you today:

I had to deal with several problems: for example, the chébé powder which has an abominable odor and coarse grains which remain in the hair for several days after rinsing ...

It was out of the question to have residue falling out of my hair! Imagine the scene: I'm in a work meeting, I run my hand through my hair and grains come out, Oh God!


Little by little, after several versions and with the help of 5 testers, I managed to get the product I wanted:

A hair mask that you apply like a balm and that you keep for several days neither seen nor known, hence its name Nobody has to know!

This is how I was able to attend meetings, a baptism, do my shopping ... without anyone knowing!

Along with the tea and the serum, here is my special busy mompreneur routine and I am quite happy with the results

Fast growing afro hair

My products are often imitated but it is not enough to take a list of ingredients to reproduce them. Good luck trying to copy it, it's how to say ... like sorbet = Magic!????

9 months is the time it took me to finish testing it, improving it ... 20 years of passion for frizzy hair, aromatherapy courses and several trainings were necessary to achieve Kaylabé products .

Each Kaylabé product is formulated and tested several months before it goes to market and when the results don't suit us, well the product just isn't sold :)

"Nobody has to know" IS for you if ...

🔹You know that the mask is an essential step in the hair routine but you are running out of time

🔹You are fed up with products and "conventional advice" about hair that never works

🔹You are ready to give yourself some time to transform your hair

🔹If you are already a user of Kaylabé hair masks then definitely it is for you!

🔹Between children, work, home, school and all the obligations of the week ... making a hair mask and keeping it all day is impossible even on weekends.

🔹You hate sleeping with hair care and feeling it sink onto your pillow.

🔹Powder masks are not for you.

🔹You go to the salon to do your care because it is too complicated to do it alone.

🔹Whatever you do your hair is always dry and brittle.

🔹You know grooming is important, but taking care of your hair is not the way to take care of your hair.

🔹 Having to put on a plastic cap after a mask ooh la la

🔹You like the texture of your hair when you put on your hair treatment but after rinsing it becomes dry again.

This product will:

  • Reconcile with your hair
  • Repair your hair in depth which will benefit from the active ingredients for several days in a row
  • Allow you to make your mask incognito
  • You will be able to make your braids by applying your mask to the lengths
  • Allow you to save your serum because only the scalp will need it
  • Enrich your hair tea  

And so much more ... 

“Nobody has to know” is NOT for you if…

  • You are not ready to give yourself 10 min
  • If you are not motivated
  • If you are looking for a product to imitate simply with a list of ingredients
  • If you find that 39 $ is 26 eur it is too expensive for a product made with organic ingredients which is completely natural and not diluted with water
  • If you think its effect is magic with instant results 

The choice is yours ...


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