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3 common areas of hair loss and how to avoid it

3 common areas of hair loss and how to avoid it

The start of the year is an excellent time to start on new hair bases. 

Hair breakage is a very common and yet completely preventable problem. 

Most often, it intervenes in 3 problematic areas: 

  • The temples,
  • The middle of the head
  • Neck

1-Do you have a break in the temples? 

It is called traction alopecia: It is the breaking of the hair at the root. In most cases, it is caused by excessive traction or friction on this area. 

Often, chemical burns lead to traction alopecia. Tight weaves, wigs and extensions are also to blame. 

Ah just like the hair clips, the headbands and the tiny black rubber bands ....

The first thing, of course, is to stop what is causing the breakup

Hint: Massage the temples with the Indian powder serum can stimulate regrowth. 

If you do not see any development (regrowth) after about 2 months, you should consult a dermatologist to determine the real cause of your fall.

2-Hair breakage in the middle of the head

Have you noticed this particular breakage on frizzy hair? Indeed, you will notice that often the hair is shorter in this area which seems to be drier, more fragile, more capricious !! This breakage is difficult to assess. 

To read soon: our 5 tips to prevent breakage in the middle of the head

3-Hair breakage at the nape of the neck

It can be caused by scarves, jewelry, or clothing rubbing against this area.

The cause can also be too tight braids, updos or other ponytails.

You can avoid this breakage:

By wearing a silk or satin hat (especially at night) and avoiding excessive pulling.


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