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Why is porosity important?

Why is porosity important?

Let's talk about porosity

Why do you need to know your capillary porosity?
If you feel like you don't understand your hair and ask yourself the following questions: Why does it always seem dry despite care? Why they break? Are they well hydrated? Not enough ? Too much protein? Not enough protein? .... so read on.



For optimal hydration, you need to know

how the hair absorbs hydration and for that, it is important to know the porosity of your hair! Indeed a hair which lacks hydration or proteins becomes brittle, dry, soft… ..

Determining the porosity of your hair will allow you to adapt your routine according to the result and thus maximize your hair care and avoid certain mistakes. For example, did you know that putting too much product on a hair with low porosity could lead to it being blocked? 

We define porosity according to its three types: low, normal (also say average) and high (also said high). 

To be able to analyze your porosity and know how to take care of your hair, download your free e-book here !


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