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Our serum with Indian powders

Our serum with Indian powders

A true hair elixir, our Serum is stimulating because it contains plants and active ingredients that promote growth and strengthen frizzy hair.

A treasure for your hair!

Thanks to its blend of precious oils carefully chosen according to their hair properties (castor oil, avocado, olive, Tahiti Monoi), its Indian powders, its active ingredients and its synergy of essential oils, our Indian powder serum is a great ally for more beautiful and silky hair.

Concentrated in active ingredients and plants known to strengthen, fortify and thicken the hair shaft. We recommend it for frizzy, brittle and dry hair

It is one of the flagship products of the Challenges that we carry out in our facebook group. Its association with deep and hair tea is surprising on frizzy hair.

Although it contains magic and secret ingredients, we want to share with you its gourmet ingredients such as:

  Amla is rich in antioxidants. She is known in  Ayurveda for stimulate the roots, promote hair growth and slow down hair loss. .

 Hibiscus is known to strengthen the hair, bring shine, stimulate hair growth and fight against hair loss. It also prevents the appearance of dandruff and split ends

Ashwaganda is a beautiful hair tonic. Antioxidant, It is known to promote circulation to the scalp. According to research, it balances hormones to reduce hair loss and promote the growth of healthy, shiny hair.
  Le kachur sughandi est used in hair care to strengthen, beautify hair and stimulate hair growth. This powder is also known to make hair thicker and shinier.
 Le Brahmi is renowned in Ayurveda for its tonic and revitalizing action. It is known to promote hair growth, help thicken hair and make it shiny while fighting dandruff.
These magnificent plants are found in a luxurious blend of Monoi, Olive, Castor and Avocado oil.
Then we add a synergy of essential oils known for the growth and care of dry and frizzy hair.
Finally, there are the secret ingredients (yes, passionate about hair one day ...) and a touch of magic powder.
And this is how we get 100ml of this incredible serum that nWe recommend to frizzy, brittle, dry hair, to people suffering from alopecia or who wish to stimulate their hair follicles ...

It is one of the flagship products of the Challenges that we carry out in our Facebook group. Its association with Deep and Hair tea gives surprising results on frizzy hair.

* It is not suitable for pregnant women or children because it contains essential oils.

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