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Brittle frizzy hair what to do?

Brittle frizzy hair what to do?

Brittle frizzy hair what to do?

Because of their nature, frizzy hair is dry and brittle!

At Kaylabé, our hair products are designed for this particularly capricious hair type. Do not hesitate to follow this simple routine which has been proven successful with our clients for over 4 years now.

Our products are undiluted and formulated with organic ingredients.

Frizzy hair needs love. Give them 5 minutes a day and watch them flourish. The routine below is used as part of our acti push challenges. Also, we recommend that you take a photo before starting it. It will allow you to better visualize your results because yes with our range, the results will be there. You just need to be diligent and regular in your care like our client below.

result grows with Kaylabé

Without delay, here is a simple and effective daily routine that will take no more than 5 minutes of your time:

1-Use your tea to vaporize roots and lengths, even when wearing braids!

2-Moisturize your scalp with a few drops of your serum



3-Massage your scalp once the serum has been applied.



4- Use a pea of ​​your sorbet to hydrate your lengths

brittle dry afro hair


5- Apply your deep condition favorite (mask) the WE

* The first allows you to keep your mask for several days neither seen nor known

* The second is a clever mixture of chébé powder, plants and Indian powders

* The third is an Indian powder mask enriched with coconut and castor oil.


afro hair grows in 2 weeks


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If you want to activate your hair growth, follow this routine morning and evening with the application of your deep mask every week.

Be careful, natural does not mean harmless: if your scalp is not used to being stimulated, the first week with tea, deep and serum, it may react. If you are in this case, do not hesitate to take it gradually.

For example, by applying the serum every 2, 3 days at the start. 

In any case, if you have any questions, contact us. We will be delighted to accompany you on your journey back to nature!

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