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How to take care of your braided hair?

How to take care of your braided hair?

It is often said that braids help "grow" hair, which is only partially true.

Rather, they make it possible to conserve the length.

Ceci dit, they can also be destructive to the hair.

Follow the advice below so that your protective hairstyles (braids, weaves, wigs, crochet braids ...) are real protective hairstyles and promote the growth of your hair.

    • Braids are said to “promote” hair growth only because they help maintain length.
    Every time you style and detangle your hair, there is a risk of breakage. The other big reality is that iIt is normal to lose around 50 to 100 hairs per day !  
    Only, when your hair is braided you avoid mechanical breakage due to handling: this is why braids are said to be a great protective style.  

     ????The good idea is to stimulate hair growth while it is styled and locked in braids. 

    This is why when we launch Kaylabé growth challenges, we invite our kaylabelles to choose their protective hairstyles beforehand.

          • You should never keep the braids more than 4 to 6 weeks because beyond this period, for many people, the hair begins to * lockser * and en leaving them longer, it will be difficult to untangle them. In addition, breakage will be inevitable!
              • For those with sensitive and sparse edges, it is best to avoid any pulling or stretching of the hair on this area. because you are more likely to suffer from traction alopecia or increased hair loss.This is all the more urgent if you are the type to do braids (or weaves) continuously without any pause between 2 hairstyles because you already have a problem with sensitive edges.

                 ???? With or without braids, take care of your temples using products that promote hair regeneration such as serum or wax to be used during styling and while wearing it.

                  • Keep your braids loose because anyone can fall victim to traction alopecia with this type of hairstyle. Beware of murderous braids: Let me explain, having the root that pulls a little when the braids are new, it's normal. If you feel that your hair is too pulled back in the braids, ask your hairstylist to reduce the applied tension. To hurt so badly that it is necessary to take a stamp = it is not normal, remove these braids and it does not matter the price of the hairstyle !!!

                    ????To avoid having dry, brittle or even dusty hair when you remove your braids, you must take care of yourself during and surtout when you wear braids.

                    It has been said braids help with length retention, so boost your growth by using it daily

                    The 1- tea

                    The 2- serum

                    3- At least once every 2 weeks, give your hair one of our 4 wonderful  deep condition


                    Do you need a hair routine? We recommend this one 👉 How to take care of your hair on a daily basis with Kaylabé


                    This is when you will really see the magic of Kaylabé products because the products will provide your hair with active ingredients that promote hair growth. growth. 

                    These products are even more effective when you wear a protective hairstyle because thanks to the braids, no handling and which says no handling = says no breakage.




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